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In a competitive market where access to capital is crucial to scale and thrive, our passion is to invest in exceptional companies and back outstanding founders. 

Our intention is to support our investee companies over multiple funding rounds, with the intention of increasing company value.

We target high conviction opportunites, and leverage our experience in both Venture Capital and Equity markets with a goal to increase the odds of success.

As a Private Investment Group our focus is to invest our own capital. We partner  alongside our selected Institutional, High Net Wealth and Venture Capital Partners.
We have significant experience of helping companies transition from private to public ownership via a listing on the ASX, or other exits.

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Founded as a traditional ECM firm in 2003, our passion for funding innovative ideas lead Cygnet to evolve to fit the needs of early stage companies, and a shift to investing as principal.

This has left Cygnet with the ability and experience to aid our companies through a wide range of different funding scenarios from Seed, to Series A, to IPO. 


Cygnet first invests at commercialisation, with companies that have already developed their MVP and are looking to execute on their growth strategies.

We then look to invest through following rounds on your capital raising journey, with introduction to varying networks of appropriate co-investors depending on your stage and needs.

We have invested in a broad range of sectors, with a current focus on disruptive technology opportunities.


Every member of our team brings a different skill set, but we are all working on the same goal- to help our investments.

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